“Maximizing Customer Engagement at Your Business” Free Webinar

Customer Engagement 2The link below will take you directly to my free 30-minute webinar “Maximizing Customer Engagement at Your Business” sponsored by the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce as part of their Professional Development Series. 

Webinar Overview

Your company, like many others, has experienced the impact of the digital revolution. You probably are spending money on digital and print advertising, website design and search engine optimization to drive customer traffic. In addition, many businesses are transforming themselves by offering their customers seamless multichannel access involving the integration of digital and physical service channels: mobile, desktop, store, and call centers.

As a result, you and your employees are now interacting with customers in multiple ways: telephone, email, retail floor, front counter and field sales.

We ask simple questions for you to ask yourself:  will your staff gain the customer’s trust and confidence in those personal interactions that enables them to close the deal or deepen customer loyalty?  Are your business practices in-place for quality customer assurance?

In my webinar, I pose the notion that there has been one constant of continued importance during this marketplace reinvention: that workforces must continue to possess social, customer service and sales skills and practices to deepen customer engagement.

Presentation Outline

  • A customer engaged organizational culture: – what does it look like – takeaways to guide your business
  • Documented research that effective customer engagement behavior benefits a business’ financial outcomes
  • Responding to a changing marketplace – diverse industries hired and developed a new type of worker
  • Your leadership, company mission & values as a strategic foundation for successful customer engagement
  • Changing your employee’s mindset to build their confidence and comfortably transition into this economy
  • Actions to develop customer engagement skills and practices at your organization

Webinar Direct Link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd9PJWZGFl0


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