Business Services

Business Practices Analysis & Discovery
  • Insures your business possesses the essential practices to grow your business, service and retain customers.
  • Review opportunities to generate new customer sales volume.
  • Verify retention efforts to attain repeat business to maintain your current customer base.
  • Re-think your current approaches and gain new processes to increase ROI.
  • Assess customer contact staff skills in acquiring new customers and building strong customer relations.
  • Introduce performance indicators and tracking reflecting core department functions down to the sub-department level.
  • Receive recommendations to effectively increase, manage and track performance.
  • Input on department structure and alignments to increase operational efficiency and staff accountability.
Business & Account Retention Processes
  • Integrate an account and customer retention component into your business growth plan.
  • Achieve higher ROI through customer retention efforts compared with customer acquisition channels.
  • Grow revenue and gain repeat business from current accounts and customers.
  • Reduce customer erosion and stabilize your account base.
Sales Process Blueprint™
  • Continuous improvement program that helps your organization seamlessly integrate the effective management of the sales cycle as part of your business practices.
  • Operate an organization wide system for sales that involves every employee in the selling process, reflecting their vital role in contributing to your revenue growth.
  • Ensure your organization communicates a consistent and cohesive sales position to help grow your share of the marketplace.
Executive Search, Contract Recruitment, Resume Preparation & Interview Coaching
  • Staffing services include executive and professional search and contract recruiting.
  • Candidate screening, interviewing, evaluation, employment verification, reference checking, degree verification credit checks, drug testing and driver’s license verification.
  • Resume preparation includes job search alternatives and interview coaching.
Contract Sales & Business Development Services

Aramini Management is available to handle the management of your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Supplement your business development and direct sales efforts without adding additional personnel.
  • Help business owners create and target specific customer segments and a sales plan of action.
  • Drive new business or activate dormant accounts.
  • Conduct account management at existing accounts to further qualify the potential of business opportunities and work with client to secure this business.

Presentations & Workshops

For complete descriptions of the following programs, please email or call 201.848.9033.

Strategic Selling Boot Camp: Was Your Sales Call A Success?

Your organization’s starting point of sales success is the effective sales call. Aramini Management’s “Strategic Selling Boot Camp” will teach your staff the Sales Process Blueprint™. It provides them with the tools to understand the buying process and will increase their confidence when presenting your scope of services. They will learn a practical model that is readily applicable to their everyday challenges. They will come to understand the importance of strategy and engaging in critical steps for sales success. Workshop exercises include assessing and handling the true objection to gain consensus on how your service will meet client need. Attendees will participate in an exercise for preparing them for a sales call of a targeted account.

Cross-Selling Training Boot Camp: Maximizing Opportunities for the Customer

Your staff will learn an effective cross-selling approach when offering additional services to generate increased business from existing customers. They will see cross-selling as a value-added and solution opportunity for the customer. These selling skills are also a must to ensure that prospective customers buy from you and not with your competitor. Each participant will leave the session with a personal development action plan to build confidence in presenting your products and services. Effective cross-selling contributes to increasing your share of the consumer market.

Exceptional Customer Service: It's A Decision You Make

Customer contact staffs are the face of your organization. It is essential that they exhibit a variety of skills and knowledge to insure a positive customer experience. They will lean how to provide customers with the unexpected: what exceptional customer service skills and behaviors are to build and maintain strong relations with current customers to earn their continued loyalty. Customer retention is as equally important as the acquisition of new customers in growing your organization’s penetration in the marketplace. Your staff will be taught that that exceptional customer service is a decision that they make and live at your organization, and not a training program

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