Return on Investment

Organizations lose millions of dollars each year through customer erosion. A worthwhile exercise is to determine a company’s cost to acquire each new customer and then replace the one lost. A 5% improvement in reducing customer erosion would be a significant cost savings. Try the following simple formula to calculate the savings opportunity at your organization:

  • Number of Customers Lost Annually
  • Replacement Cost Per Customer
  • Total Annual Cost = customers lost x each replacement cost
  • 5% improvement

Is this an area that you always wanted to address?

Aramini Management can develop solutions and institute performance improvement by helping you:

  • Re-think your current sales framework to increase ROI
  • Close loopholes to maximize the impact of your customer relations processes.
  • Insure sales and customer contact staff possess the skills to meet customer needs and overcome objections.
  • Spearhead the new strategy and work directly with your staff in implementation.

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